“My Job Here Is Done”

When I started this blog, way way back in time, I was mourning the fact that my time as Mommy had come to an end. My children had grown up and had fled my little nest. I was totally crushed, completely bereft. I was a basket case of a grown up woman, weeping into my tomato sauce with no one left to cook for.


Times have changed.

My children are all on their own two feet, all are gainfully employed if not ensconced in a career.  All of them are financially independent.

So what.

In the past three days I have realized that all three are also emotionally independent. And to my great surprise, that’s just fine with me.

I’ll start with my oldest, my one daughter, my Kate. She is an extraordinary teacher who gives her all to her class. She took the kids on a two day field trip into the mountains of New Hampshire, complete with snowstorm.  She left her baby daughter at home with her husband, for the first time in Ellie’s nine months on earth.

And Kate was able to appreciate every minute of this special time with her students, even though she had left her baby girl behind. She watched her students grow, and learn, and take risks. And she came home to tell me all about each child, each step, each moment of growth. And she did it with tears in her eyes.

She is all grown up. My work here is done.

And yesterday I got a message from my baby boy, my youngest. It read: “What food recommendations do you have for the stomach flu?”

Poor kid had been sick with a Norovirus for 24 hours.  Naturally, I called him back and told him exactly what he should be doing.  Which was exactly what he was already doing.  He knew what he needed, but as he put it, “Sometimes I just like my Mommy to know that I’m sick.”

My work here is done.

And then there was the Facebook Message this morning from a pastor in the small town where my sons live. His status today was about how grateful he is to have my sons (MY SONS) in his life because of their talent, the joy that fills their lives, and their willingness to help others in the community.

My work here is so obviously DONE.

I am content. My children are not rich or famous or in possession of a lot of stuff. But they have made a difference.

I am a happy, serene, blissfully unemployed Mamma tonight.

(Good thing Ellie still needs to learn how to make ravioli.)

18 thoughts on ““My Job Here Is Done”

  1. When we know our children are doing well is definitely the happiest moments. It’s a wonderful when you can feel, “My work here is done.” 🙂 Personally, I’m still on a journey of assisting my youngest daughter and I see a golden light at the end of the tunnel. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. 🙂

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  2. You made me smile for you tonight.

    Earlier tonight, my 24 year old son and I cuddled on the couch and cried together over Toy Story 3, remembering all his special toys.

    Motherhood is wonderful.

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    • And its a good thing, too! I’d have moved in with my sons by now if Ellie didn’t need me, LOL! Also, did you notice how I totally left my husband out of there, as if he hardly helped? Oops!


  3. My one and only is about to enter college and I’m dreading it, as well as being excited for him. I know that like all things, this too shall pass, but still…

    I always find wisdom in your words, and I’m so glad you’re so willing to share your story with the world. What fine people your kids have turned out to be, but that’s really no surprise.

    xo, BB


    • Oh, I do wish you well! The years around my kids’ departures were the hardest of my life. My grief was what inspired my writing….Reach out if you need any support in the next weeks/months!


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