Oh, No. My Eyesight Is Going.

I turned 60 this spring.


My back aches most of the time. My muscles are all flabby. My boobs and my belly button end up in the same place when I sit down.

I don’t hear as well as I used to either.  I’ve noticed that I have to mute the TV if Paul talks to me, or else I think he said “Spaghetti in the laundry” when he actually said “I’ll get the laundry.”

It’s sad, really.

And now my eye sight seems to be going, too.

I know that not only because I wear bifocals, but because when I look at my kids, I don’t see them all that clearly.

For example, this is pretty much what they look like now:


Mate, Kate and Tim K

But when I look at them, I actually see this:


Tim, Kate, Matt

Matt had some surgery this past week.  The poor guy broke his ankle really badly, and had to have three bones repaired with screws and a metal plate. He was willing to let me drive him to and from the hospital, and I was in the room with him as they put in the IV and moved his leg around. I saw him turn white and break out in a cold sweat from the pain.

I heard the nurse ask, “Are you OK, sir?” and I heard a man’s voice say, “Yup.”

I’m sure that the medical staff thought that they were working on a 25 year old 6’3″ man with a full beard. But you know who I saw in that hospital bed? I saw him:



My eyes are definitely going.

But at least my memory is fine.

13 thoughts on “Oh, No. My Eyesight Is Going.

  1. You think he was “letting” you accompany him to the hospital? Well, I suppose a 25 year old, 6’3″ man doesn’t really “need” his mom, does he. While he may be telling himself he was humoring you, we know the truth. I just have to look back at how I felt when I lost my mom when I was 50.


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