Too Many Guns. Period!

Did you know that in this country there are almost as many guns as humans?

Did you know that last year over 33,000 Americans died from guns?  They were accidents, suicides, and homicides. But they were all killed by guns.

Get this story.

A guy in Colorado got so mad at his daughter that he pulled out his gun, told her to get hers, and then challenged her to a duel.


Read the story below. Then call your representatives and tell them that you won’t vote for them ever again unless they do something to stop the insanity with guns in every room of every house in every town. Guns just waiting for that extra beer, that teen aged heartbreak or that defiant teenager to give their owner the excuse for pulling the trigger.

Dad Challenges Daughter To Gun Battle.

4 thoughts on “Too Many Guns. Period!

  1. Oh, my God! I missed this article. I sure hope this mother took her child and moved as far away from this man as she could get. I have no idea what it is going to take to set us free from our lust of guns. I fear that I will never see it in my life time.


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