This could be my baby

The world is always a sad and scary place. If we look closely enough, we can always see the tragedy, the suffering, the loss.

Sometimes, though, the reality of how horrific life can be is there before us and we can’t look away.

The image of the dead baby boy on the beach in Greece was one of those times. How could I look away from it?imgres

When those images come crashing into our lives, forcing us to face reality, we feel a sense of helplessness and rage.

I know that I am overwhelmed when I see what human being do to our own babies. I am at a loss. I am adrift.

I’m not a religious person, and this is one reason why.

Today I turned on the news and was confronted with a video of a young man, about the age of my son, weeping as he cradled a wounded baby girl in his arms. She had been buried in the rubble of her home when it was bombed by the Syrian regime. He had worked and worked to dig her out, and now he held her as doctors wiped the blood off her face.

He sobbed and he prayed. His lips quivered and tears coursed down his cheeks. He looked down at her little face, and she looked up at him.


It could have been my Ellie.

An innocent, sweet, little baby girl. Bombed by her government. Left to die in the ruins of her home. Where were her parents? Was she alone in all the world?

Would she live? Where would she go?

I watched the video and I sobbed.

I hate this feeling of helplessness. I HATE that this happens and I can’t fix it or stop it or even understand it.

That could have been our Ellie, bleeding and trembling in a stranger’s arms.

I went on line to try to help. I sent money to Medicins Sans Frontiers.

I still feel completely useless and completely helpless.

Please watch this video. Please click on one of the links below and do what you can to help.

Save the Children


Doctors Without Borders

These organizations are less well known, but are doing good work.


3 thoughts on “This could be my baby

  1. I read a book this summer that had WWII as its backdrop. The horrors of the Holocaust, the merciless treatment of prisoners, the sexual abuse of women, the disintegration of families, the enslavement of the conquered- Fast forward to today..with ISIS, Syria, atrocities and religious persecution of the most barbaric kind..and you realize that we haven’t moved the needle..unbelievably, we as humans are still being plagued by those who are possessed with fantasies of death and mass destruction.So distressing, heartbreaking- utterly maddening.


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