A letter from Miss Sadie



Sadie, the elegant and beautiful

Dear Mistress,

I know this is hard for you. I am sorry.

I have tried very hard to stay strong and healthy. I exercise every day by walking with the Master and the Wolf King. I try to chase squirrels as often as possible, but those fuzzy little bullets have become faster over the years.

Since I’ve come here to live with you, life has been sweet. My fur is brushed and clean. Thank you! You have done such a good job of keeping my ears healthy, and my nails clipped.

I wish I could stay longer. I do.

Dear Mistress,

Remember how you used to take me to the vet?  I am a good dog. I am a very good dog.

I can always tell when you are nervous or unhappy. You smell sort of sharp and electricky. On those long rides to the vet, back when my skin was super itchy and peeling, I used to love looking out the window and feeling the movement of the car. But I could tell from your smell that you didn’t feel happy.

Remember all those visits? I liked that nice vet with the soft touch and the very crunchy treats in the jar.

You didn’t like that place, though. I could tell that you were especially unhappy when we used to go stand at the big desk before we went home. You would take out that little plastic card and you would start to smell worried.

I don’t know what “ring worm” is, but thank you for taking it away!

Man, that was itchy.

Mistress, I know that you used to cook for the Wolf King and I. I saw you with the chicken, and the liver, and the rice and carrots. Thank you so much!

You were great.

Dear, sweet Mistress.

I remember those nights with the thunder storms.

I am a good dog. I am so sorry for all the times I dug into the closet and threw out all the shoes. I am sorry for all of the drool that I put on your pillow, but I was so scared of all the noise! I tried not to shake, but I was terrified of the flashing lights. I wanted you to hold me, and you did.

I remember how the Master used to go downstairs with me to sleep on the sofa so we could be away from the storm.

You and the Master have been so good to me.

The Wolf King has been interesting, too. I love him, the big dopey face. I know he’ll miss me, too.

Dear Mistress,

This is just how it goes. I’m old.

I’m very, very old.

I need to go and rest soon.

Will you be OK?

I hope that someone will come to lie on your front steps all day to keep you safe. I hope that you will soon have someone to get up with you in the night when you cannot sleep. I hope that there will be another dog here to walk with you and Master.

Dear Mistress,

I will try my best, because I am a very good dog, to lie down quietly in the yard and simply go to sleep. I hope that you don’t have to put me in the car and take me to face the needle.

I will try, dear Mistress. I don’t want you or the Master to be upset. If I can do it, I will go softly. I will lie down and I will go to sleep.

And I will cross that bridge and run and play and I will be young again. And I will wait for you.


Miss Sadie



21 thoughts on “A letter from Miss Sadie

  1. Oh, this makes me so so sad. So beautifully written and authentic. If Sadie could speak, this would be her exact voice. Ten days ago, we thought Frida was about to leave us but the vet keeps pulling her out of it. Last night I drove her into town for an emergency visit to the vet when she fell, paralyzed, and then seemed to be having a seizure. She rallied, however, and we were home again by midnight. Today I took her to a blessing of the animals along with hundreds of other pets including dogs, cats, rabbits and even donkeys. And she seems her old self today. But, I know this is what we all face with both our pets and our selves. Your touching tribute to Sadie honors both her and yourself. xoxo


    • Oh, my thoughts go out to you and Frida, too! Our vet gave us Sadie back over a year ago, and I suspect that if I went back (it was acupuncture and Chinese herbs that saved her), we’d be able to eke out more time. But I’m not sure that’s fair to her. Trying to decide. Sending you love!

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  2. Oh Karen that was so beautifully written and so heartfelt! I can see my Shady too as I read this. She’s old (12 yrs) and I can’t bear the thought of losing her. Enjoy the times you still have with her, she’s a good dog and you’ve given her the best life! Coming to the end of a beloved pets life is never easy, I pray she’ll have a peaceful time when that day comes! ❤


  3. S’cuze me – got something in my eye…Suddenly I realize that Dawg is 11 years old next month. Bouv’s seldom make it to 12. At least I believe in the rainbow bridge. I have to…


  4. This is so beautifully written but so hard to read as it reminded me of our dear Sassy. My heart goes out to you and Sadia…you will be in my thoughts….


  5. So lovely and so sad. We lost our sweet, sweet pup (15 years old) a year ago, and some days it’s still hard. There is something so unbelievably loyal and gracious and loving about dogs. And stoic. They try to hang on. But you will know when the time comes. Until then, I wish you both much love, and peace in the weeks after.


  6. Something I read that has guided me at the end of so many beloved white cats’ lives – “when your pet is going downhill, don’t let them reach the bottom.” It’s a painful, horrible time – and I always swear I’ll never do it again – until I do.


  7. I lost my previous Service Dog in August of 2014. I knew he would have done anything to stay with me. Your letter from Sadie perfectly captured what I believe dogs feel when they know their time with us is coming to an end. Thank you for this. It is lovely.


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