Oh, for the love of……

I can NOT wait for November 9th. Partly I will be happy to have the suspense over. I am getting really tired of waking up at 3 Am wondering if Trump is going to blow us all to kingdom come.

It isn’t only the Presidential shit storm that I want to be done with though. It’s also the endless barrage of ads about the state candidates and referendum questions.

I am unlucky enough to live in Massachusetts but on the New Hampshire border. I don’t watch a lot of TV, but every time I try to turn it on to catch the news, or a movie, or a ballgame, I am slammed with conflicting ads.

And they are all pure 100% bullshit. That’s what I really hate.

Turn on the tube two weeks before the election and you will see 8 commercials in a row. I can sum them up here:

“Raising the Charter School Cap will make every child in America a Nobel Prize Winner!”

“Raising the Charter School Cap will end education as we know it!”

“Kelly Ayotte has a halo! She once saved a choking baby and then paid for his college tuition!”

“Kelly Ayotte is the spawn of the devil. She hates babies. She kicks puppies. She eats toads for breakfast.”

“Donald Trump will save us all from eternal damnation and will make America the actual center of the universe!”

“Donald Trump will blow us all up in the first day of his administration, just because he CAN.”

Oh. My. God.

In my fantasy world, I am running for public office. I create my own ads. They go like this.

“Hi. I’m Karen. I am not smarter than my opponent, and I am not a better human being. Neither one of us has a direct line to God or to the Founding Fathers. I think I have a good plan for making things better for us. Here it is…..”

Wouldn’t that be SO refreshing? Wouldn’t we all love it?


We’d all be so relieved to have some positive ads and some actual plans and ideas.

So why can’t we manage to get that point across to the people who are running for office?

I mean, I don’t agree with my friends who want to raise the Charter School Cap. But I don’t think that they are all mass murderers, either.

I don’t agree with most of Kelly Ayotte’s votes. But I don’t think she’s a monster, either. And I don’t think her opponent, Maggie Hassan, is an angel. I just agree with her ideas and her political positions.

Good Lord. Why can’t Democracy be based on some truth for a change?

I plan to drink a whole bottle of champagne on November 9th. And not because I am so thrilled with any of the election outcomes.


6 thoughts on “Oh, for the love of……

  1. Tonight I went to dinner at a friend’s house and one of the women said, “I just can’t believe anyone would vote for Hillary Clinton. People who follow her just absolutely refuse to face the facts of the terrible things the Clintons have done. Who in the world would vote for her?” When I loudly asserted, “I would!” everyone else at the party screamed “No politics!” I was very willing to oblige but I can’t help but be influenced by that woman’s smug comment. I’ll say no more, but needless to say, she will never be numbered on my roll of friends. Yes, I have friends who have the exact opposite political beliefs to mine, but at least they don’t question my intelligence in voting for the candidate of my choice.


    • This is just so…..awful! Two of my favorite people in the universe are voting for Trump. So I have to keep reminding myself that its an election. It’s not personal. I don’t want to hang out with Hillary. Not even sure I’d trust her to watch my dog. Still, I’ll pull the lever for her. I just want it OVER!


      • I read a good article–I believe by Deepak Chopra–yesterday that says this election is mankind’s shadow side coming out. I have to agree–on both sides, although one is light shade in comparison to midnight on the other side. (IMHO.) I hate what it has shown about our country.. Like shameful linen hung out for the whole world to see.


  2. It’s not a great time to be American, but perhaps this might show how crazy the system is. It also shows the world that with enough money, in America, you can buy anything.
    Over here, while we do not believe Hilary to be virgin white, we feel the alternative is ludicrous and too scary to imagine.


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