This is NOT the behavior of a rational adult.


I am unable to tear my eyes away from Donald Trump’s Twitter vomiting.

Its like seeing a terrible natural disaster;  you are horrified. You are filled with disbelief.

And yet.

You cannot look away.

I log on in the morning, and I cringe. I see the kind of vindictive, petty, immature ego stroking bullshit that the President-elect sends out to the world.

To be honest, if I had a 14 year old who spent his time tweeting nasty lies about other people just to make himself feel good, I’d take away his devices and get him into therapy.

Things like this:

I mean…I am a student of American history. I understand the vital importance of a free press in a democratic society. So that whole “dishonest media” line scares me.

Then there is the obvious lunacy of referring to a non-existent wall between us and our Mexican neighbors as “The Great Wall.” All you can think when you see this is, “Seriously, dude? You are comparing your proposed, unplanned, maybe its only a metaphor, border wall, or fence, or something to one of the great achievements of human history?”

The mind boggles.

I decided today that I should look at the tweets of other world leaders. You know, just to see if any of them are as…I don’t know….creepy as the ones from Trump.

I started with Obama. I scrolled through about 8 weeks of his tweets. This one pretty much sums him up:

It gets his point across, and it certainly supports his political aspirations, but when you compare it to Trump’s. Well. It looks so professional.

Next I went to Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. I wondered what he was tweeting these days.

How about these:

I tried, I did! I tried to find something self-serving, something snarky, something mean spirited or vindictive. Nothing. Rien. And may I add that Mr. Trudeau tweets in both English and French…

Then I went to Germany. Surely Angela Merkel would have something as inane and self focused as our own Big Orange Menace.

That was interesting. Mostly the German Chancellor retweets other people. When she does send her own tweets, they mostly look like this:

It says, “Thank you for your trust! Chancellor of Germany.”

Not exactly the same level of self serving ego stroking that we are seeing from Mr. Trump.



Surely Vladimir Putin is just as obnoxious as his neon-headed puppet. I checked his Twitter feed, too.

This one caught my eye pretty quickly.

But this one was in there, too.

I spent a lot of time on Putin’s feed. I couldn’t find one single tweet that called any of his opponents nasty names. I couldn’t find one that made it look like Putin was responsible for everything good in the world.

I tried.

I did. I tried to find one single world leader who was as immature, as self-absorbed, as mentally unstable as Donald Trump. I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t find anyone in the role of world leader who came close to the obvious personality disorder that we see in Donald Trump.

So here is my question:  Who can take center stage to name the very deep mental illness that our future President is exhibiting? There are no psychologists or psychiatrists on Capitol Hill (I checked.) But can’t someone point out the obvious?

This guy is sick. He is NOT rational. He is clearly NOT able to put the needs of the United States before his pathological need to be admired.

There must be someone in the mental health field who can step onto the national stage and call a spade a spade. Whether the issue is Narcissistic Personality Disorder or Borderline Personality Disorder or something else, the truth is obvious.

Mentally healthy adults do NOT use Twitter to attack those who disagree with them. Mentally healthy adults to NOT use Twitter or other social media outlets to continually point out their own successes and attributes.

They just don’t.

The United States of America is about to swear in a delusional, mentally ill President.

Who is going to save us?


9 thoughts on “This is NOT the behavior of a rational adult.

  1. Yes, he is narcissistic. I’d call him sociopathic, if not psychopathic. He is grandiose, delusional, and megalomaniacal. He will only appoint people he perceives as ‘loyal’, not those with the best skills or experience or credentials, so he will be surrounded by incompetent henchmen. Stupid, thoughtless, reactionary decisions will be made, and stuff-ups will be covered up with lies. If anyone tries to correct him, they will be abused and sacked, and publicly humiliated via Twitter.
    It will be a turbulent time not only for America but for us all, because as the most powerful man in the world, his decisions will affect the whole world.
    I try really hard not to get angry at Trump-voting Americans, but I can’t help it as he will affect us here in Australia and we had no say whatsoever in the matter.
    I therefore try not to think about it and just keep living according to my values—he can’t take those away from any of us.
    And I hope for the pendulum to swing back …

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  2. This is what all empires come to eventually isn’t it? We feel so good about how great we are that we can no longer criticize ourselves at the top levels of our society. “He’s crazy but he’s the best crazy in the best country!” Who will stop him when there is so much money to be made just by talking about him? Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Nero has assumed the throne. Now watch us burn as we watch it live on TV. Do you remember how horrific the media made Vietnam appear on TV? And then how sanitized and “shock and awing” they made it appear during the Iraq war 30 years later with cameras in the bombs?! This is where we have come as a society. No facts. No truth. No outrage. Just entertainment. Here’s a pundit who says the Earth is round…after the break we’ll have an expert who says the earth is flat! Then you can decide, followed by sports the weather and video of unarmed citizens being shot in the back, sometimes by police and sometimes by terrorists. Then a discussion with our experts: Guns good or guns bad? And finally a beauty queen cooks some arugula with a former sports star who is now an expert on everything…and look how handsome they are while having a serious chat about obesity in America!
    Yeah, we’re just about done…

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  3. When you make that list of world leaders and their Twitter feeds, it’s probably worth mentioning that Trump is probably the only leader who is actually in charge of his own Twitter account. I think most incredibly successful, busy, effective people realize it’s a time suck for the self-absorbed and outsource Twitter to someone else.

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    • What a great post, thank you for sharing it! Are you aware of the group “Duty To Warn”? They are a group of about 40,000 mental health professionals who believe that Trump is mentally ill. You can find them online, or on Facebook. They agree with you, and so do I!

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