Off The Main Page

In my effort to reinvent myself after my mommy years disappeared, I started this blog.

In my effort to keep improving myself after my teaching years were taken away from me, I started to write for some online sites. I’m trying to get to the point where I can call myself a professional writer. A freelancer. A place where I can sit at a bar in the Caribbean and casually say, “Oh, me? I’m a writer” as I sip my rum drink.

Well. I might not make that last part, but I really am doing my best to make a small living by writing.

With that in mind, small blog following, I have a favor to ask. Can you check out these two sties, and see what you think? If you like them, hoorah! If not, thanks for looking.

The first is LiberalAmerica. Obviously, we have a decidedly leftish approach to the day’s news. If you want to hear from like minded writers, and want a site that aggregates big news stories and included lots of links to more news, please come and check us out. We are absolutely 100% REAL news; we make nothing up, ever. We double and triple check our sources and we always link back to the sites where we get our information.

The second site is a place to read funny, silly, heartwarming, interesting and for the most part not very political news. Its called Off The Main Page. I’ve written about goat yoga, local restaurants, dead cats, a camel camera and a giant space ravioli. Just to name a few.

Come by and check us out. Share if you like what you read!

A nonni’s gotta make a living, right? Even if she’s not at a bar in the Caribbean.



What can I say? A woman can dream.

10 thoughts on “Off The Main Page

  1. This is so me: A place where I can sit at a bar in the Caribbean and casually say, โ€œOh, me? Iโ€™m a writerโ€ as I sip my rum drink. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ Will definitely be checking out your sites ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿป


  2. I think of you as a writer. And maybe you could find a travel site that needs someone to write about Caribbean bars and is willing to send a few airplane tickets. Then checkout rum distilleries, maybe some of them need reviews of their rum and would be willing to provide free samples.

    It could it happen…

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    • Oh, man…..You’re a genius!! Funny true story: last week we had that big New England blizzard and got buried, again. We shoveled and chipped ice and then came in and decided to make tropical drinks. I discovered an unexpected love of pineapple rum with crushed frozen fruit! My niche…..

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  3. On “Liberal America”, I looked at three sample articles – one about homelessness in the US by “A Liberal Englishman” (because I’m involved in homelessness and English), one by “Christian Left Opinion” (because I’m a Christian) and one about the Mennonite response to Trump’s immigration policy called “These Christians Are Taking To The Streets Against Trump” by Darrell Lucas, one of the staff writers.

    I found the overall impact and design of the site to be busy and muddled, not very web friendly and, annoyingly, there is no search box – it’s not a site that I would stay on if I came across it by accident

    I thought that the Lucas article was good – informative and well-written and I would certainly think about sharing it on social media.

    The other two articles struck me as too polemic. the homelessness article was too long and was full of random capitalization and question marks and should have, at least been edited – also, there was an element of “cut and paste” (one graphic looks as if it has been lifted straight from the website of “The Guardian” – a UK national newspaper) and sources were largely unattributed..

    If you decided to write for this site, you would certainly raise the quality of the writing, the journalism as well as improving the lamentably low ratio of female to male contributors.

    However, My overall impression of “Liberal America” was of people preaching to the converted, so, if you want to write to make people think or to change their minds, which is something that you do well, this may not be the place for you.

    On “Off the Main Page”, this is a well designed, web-friendly and there is a search box (hurrah!), so I was able to track down your goat yoga piece. This is a chocolate box site – people will always be tempted to look at “just one more” item and will probably share stories on social media.

    It would be great if you could use your talents for both serious comment and seeing the quirky side of life in your quest to be a “proper writer”. Good luck with your search.


    • Thank you so much for taking all that time to read and respond! I am truly in your debt. It’s a funny thing; the sites are owned by the same very hard working and determined woman, whom I admire! I’ve learned a tremendous amount from all of the people who run the two sites. I am trying to find my “voice” out there in the real world of writers. It’s as much about trying to reinvent myself (again!) as it is about making a bit of money, but both are valuable! Any and all tips about how to proceed are greatly appreciated.


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