Wow! I had an adventure!

I am basically very cowardly.

I’m scared of getting hurt. I’m scared of falling. I’m scared of falling down an up escalator.

I’m a wimp.


Now that I’m retired, and in my seventh decade of life, I am determined to push myself into new and exciting exploits. So last week, on school vacation, when Ellie would be safe in her Mommy’s arms, I had….an adventure.

I didn’t got to the Amazon to try to catch a piranha. And I didn’t head to Tibet to climb the Himalayas.

Still, for me, this was an awesome adventure.

I flew, all by myself, to the West Coast.

I know. You’re all in awe, right? I was dropped off at the huge, bustling Manchester New Hampshire airport. I flew. Alone. To Philadelphia. Where I had to (gulp) change planes.

And I flew all by my onesies across this beautiful country, all the way to San Francisco. Where I was met at the baggage claim by one of my oldest and dearest friends.

But that’s not all!

No, indeed. After three days with my pal Deb and her family, I flew ALL. BY. MYSELF. to Portland, Oregon. Where I was met at the airport by my friend Joanne, who I met when I was six years old.

So, I get it. Even though this was a huge adventure for me, it isn’t really such a big deal. Most people now jet around the world like it’s nothing.

But not me.

For me, this was a big, big stretch. And that’s why I’m telling you about it. For me, for 61 year old Nonni, this was a gigantic leap out of my comfort zone.

I made myself do it.

It scared me.

And it was fabulous. I got to see gorgeous places I would never have seen if I hadn’t pushed my sorry old self out the door. Places like Berkeley, California.


If I hadn’t pushed myself out of my cozy little niche, I wouldn’t have had the chance to dip my feet in the Pacific at beautiful Ocean Beach in San Francisco.


If I hadn’t decided that I was tired of being the world’s biggest chicken, I would never have flown up to Portland to reconnect with my buddy Joanne. The woman who bought me my very fist makeup (Max Factor Rose Cream Blush).

And if I had never gone up to Portland, I wouldn’t have met her hilarious, smart, warm, generous friends. I would never have seen the gorgeous Columbia river and the falls that pour into it.


More importantly, I wouldn’t have learned that the way to make a REALLY dry martini is to use a spritzer for the vermouth. Amazon has already shipped mine.

People grow in many different ways. I understand that.

For me, growth means pushing and shoving and forcing myself out there into the big wide world. I made myself fly all alone when I was afraid.

I loved it.

Now I needΒ to force myself to become a writer. I need to learn how to submit my stories, my essays, my thoughts for others to review, critique and judge. I need to overcome my fears and just. Try.

Life is constant growth, if you do it right.

I have to say it.

It’s actually pretty fun to be my age.




28 thoughts on “Wow! I had an adventure!

  1. Good for you, and so very glad you had a good time. You were in my neck of the woods as I live in Washington State. Oregon is a lot like my home area and California is so diverse, you need many trips to get a feel of all that it offers. What will the next adventure be?


  2. That sounds absolutely wonderful and terrifying. I flew twice this year, but of the four times I had to board the plane, I was only alone once and lucky for me it was at the end of the four times. Good for you, and get that submission in for your writing, and tell us all about it!!

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  3. Good for you.. My fear of flying has really put a fence around my life..😟’s so stupid and make me so angry. I’ve taken a few short flights over the past few years, but NEVER a long haul like you did..I’d need meds for sure.


      • I think that’s what I’d need for a longer flight..something to really knock me out- at this point, it’s still pretty hard for me to imagine being able to do it..😟


  4. 1. You are an excellent writer! Go. For. It.
    2. I was so proud of myself when I took Dan to Florida by myself.
    3. Can I help you break in the spritzer??? πŸ™‚ I’ll bring the Vodka!


  5. Good for you, Karen! My mantra is to try something new and different as often as possible. In the past year, I have become a Weight Watcher receptionist, which is helping me keep my weight off and also stretching my brain since it requires a lot of math work (something my word-oriented self isn’t used to.) I did a benefit walk, drove 500 miles round trip to my 50th college reunion and am now taking abstract painting, even though I’ve never painted before in my life. Not bad for an almost 73-year-old. And I predict that you will be like me as you traverse through your 60s and in to your 70s and beyond. My mother was starting with her dementia decline when she was my age and I am determined to fight back and beat that by staying active and involved for as long as I can. And you will, too, my friend….keep on going!


  6. Great to hear you pushed yourself out of your comfort zone, especially into the world of travel where so much is waiting for you to enjoy. πŸ™‚ I’ll gladly share my experience regarding writing and submitting, it may help you it may not. My email address is on my website if you have any questions, or if you just want to talk shop or run ideas by someone.


  7. How wonderful! Thanks for sharing the pics! You were very close to my neck of the woods (Seattle, WA). I was just in Portland in November (during that awful election weekend) for a training seminar. It’s become such a fun city!


  8. Congratulations! I took my first solo cruise in 2016 and LOVED it! I learned that it bothers others to see a person alone, and many assured me that I would not spend much time solo. Keep in mind that I drove to the cruise ship. I dread airports. They’re very unfriendly places, so I admire your guts. Also, I began writing when I retired. I joined a local writer’s group, and there is probably one in your area. I hope you find a group that encourages as it critiques and teaches you about the craft. I look forward to following you on your adventures.


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