THESE are the terrorists

I am enraged. I am fuming. I am disgusted, upset, angry, irate, weeping, frustrated, demoralized and fired up.

The National Rifle Association, those money grubbing gangsters, have put out an ad on Facebook and YouTube that is so appalling I can’t believe that it isn’t the top story on the news.

The ad calls for violent action on the part of gun owners toward an unnamed “Them.”

It is urging NRA members to use guns against “them.”

“They” are people who opposed Donald Trump.

“They” include Barack Obama.

“They” are me, and my sons, and my friends who attended the ENTIRELY PEACEFUL woman’s march. “They” are all who have used the word “resist.”

The ad is a blatant call to arms. It is fanning the flames of division in this country. It is full of lies, full of hate, full of anger.

Just listen to the voice of the woman who narrates. She couldn’t be more bitter, dismissive, hateful or vicious.


How is this legal? How is this not considered to be hate speech?

How is that our national news tonight is full of Donald Trump’s latest nasty boy tweet toward a media person (Ho fucking hum) instead of looking at THIS.

I don’t even know what to do with the fear and rage that this piece brings out in me.

I hate the NRA. I hate them. I hold them personally responsible for ALL of the young people in this country who despair and kill themselves with guns. I hold them responsible for every baby and child who is killed because a gullible parent bought into the lie that owning a gun would keep the family safe.

I hate them.

If I had to list who I fear the most, Islamic terrorists would rate way below NRA leadership.  They’d fall below my anxious neighbors who decide to carry guns into Walmart.

Please watch the ad. Please share it with thoughtful people. Please contact your representatives and your local media and tell them to label this what it is: a criminal act of hate.


5 thoughts on “THESE are the terrorists

  1. How true. How are we silently instilling hate and violence in our kids :/ What kind of kids will they grow up to be? what shall be their morality and tolerance?


    • You’re right; I am engaging in hate speech, and to tell the truth, I need the reminder now and again. The difference is that its one thing to to express my own disdain, hate, disgust and another to promote violence. You didn’t miss any direct statement to use guns of leftists, but when you show “the left” as violent and brutal and then promote a “closed fist of honesty” or whatever the words were, the implication is clear. Especially when you are the group that promotes more guns to be used for “defense.” Alas, I don’t think the NRA broke any laws; they are far to smart and well funded for that. Nevertheless, this video is very very dangerous and has to be called out for what it is. Thanks for the civil discourse, Dave!


  2. Yes. And they refuse (the governmeng and the media), for the most part, to label the white, mostly Christian, terrorists who are already killing people, as terrorists.
    But they are, and this ad is an incitement to terrorism and murder.


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