Crazy pants night thoughts

It’s been a long few days. Lots of emotion. A lot of bruises. Good food. Good drinks. Too much rain. Far too many long, long, sleepless nights.

So here is a sampling of the crazy pants thoughts that stroll through Nonni’s mind in the dark of night.

What do you think? Been there, thought that? Or am I a total nutcake?

  1. What the hell is mesothelioma and why is it advertised every 20 minutes on TV? Did I miss something, or are half of my acquaintances really at risk? CREEPY!
  2. I think that funny, innocent, misguided woman on the Progressive ads is wonderful. If I didn’t already have good car insurance, you can bet I’d go to her.
  3. When did women realize that we actually hold ALL the cards in our relationships? I grew up in the 60’s and 70’s, when it was a very big deal for women to say that we weren’t going to wear skirts to school in the snow and ice. When did we finally realize that no one could tell us what to wear? As a grandmother now, I often think about this question. It sort of just passed us by and became life as we know it.
  4. Why did we think that breastfeeding made babies better or healthier? Why did we attack each other for our baby raising choices? And have we smartened up about all this yet? Are we ready to support each other and not condemn each other for our parenting choices?
  5. What the hell is the latest theory about allergies, anyway? I had three kids, with dogs, and cats. They all had HORRIBLE allergies/asthma and I beat myself up for years because I had pets in the house. Yeah, but…..Now they say being with pets is the best thing for allergic kids. ????
  6. Why is that if I spend 100 hours and 100 dollars planning my garden, I still end up realizing that the best plants I have are the “volunteers” brought in by the birds?
  7. Why are the little birds, chicadees, sparrows, finches, so much braver and more assertive than the big, showy cardinals and bluejays?
  8. Do dogs really know when we’re sad? How can my crazy little “Devildog” Puppy know when he should come up slowly and lick my ears and cheeks until I feel better?
  9. Do young women today suffer from the same “Perfection anxiety” that dogged every woman in my generation? Do they worry about perfectly clean kitchens? Color coordinated bath towels? Organized closets?
  10. Is aging a gift or a curse? Is it too sad to know what you can’t do anymore, or is that a freeing realization as we head into the next phase?

What do you all think?

8 thoughts on “Crazy pants night thoughts

  1. 1.Have no idea.
    2.I find her creepy, honestly.
    3.Girls still get told what to wear. They just ignore it now.
    4. That may take a while as we all want tiñe the best and insecurities show.
    5. We just want something to blame.
    6. Because birds are nice.
    7. Idk
    8. I think they do. Only if dogs could talk.
    9. No.
    10. Ask me when I’m older

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  2. Dogs absolutely 100% know when we are sad. I hope to hell today’s women will let the perfect go. Dog fair on the floor isn’t a bad thing. Or the unmatched towel to wipe up whatever! Let’s us age and consider to ponder! XO

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  3. I loved this post, and my cats also know when I am sad or need something warm beside me. I was part of that generation of women that said we are not going to take this anymore, and in some ways it is hard for me to see how this generation takes it all for granted. Though I don’t know how much has changed. I do know that my question would be: 11. Who told these young rich snots that they were owed the world. No one owes them anything and they need to start earning their way. Maybe it is my age, but I really get sick of the “entitled generation”


  4. I wish my mind worked like this at night. I have a tendency to spend my sleepless hours trying to plan all the things I know I can’t control. I would rather ponder over some of your choices than rehash all the ones that are stuck in my head.

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    • This is actually trick suggested by a therapist for those nights when my mind was going in circles over problems. She told me not to “direct” my thoughts, but to sort of watch them go by as if they were on a billboard. The funniest things pop up!

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  5. Sorry you had a sleepless night but it made for a entertaining read. I agree with number 6, and I believe all animals can tell when we’re sad. No, I don’t think woman today have the “perfection anxiety” with household stuff, especially chores, because they’re often shared with partners. I wouldn’t say aging is a curse, but it sure has challenges. 🙂

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