Military Rules?

So this will be a very quick post. I’m sleepy, it’s late, and we have had a long and emotional week.

I’m thinking about the President, and his most recent “rule by tweet” effort to distract us all from his Russian connections. By this, of course, I mean his out-of-the-blue decision, delivered in 140 characters, to ban all trans-gender people from serving in any capacity in our military.

I have a few reactions to this idiocy, but they are really all pretty much the same thing.

Let me start by explaining that I am a very boring, heterosexual woman married to a heterosexual man. In fact, we’ve been man and wife for 39 years now. Holy old folks. We have raised three heterosexual children who do not seem to be struggling with gender identity.

I say all of this to prove my non-gay, non-trans bona fides. I am straight, white and middle aged.

So when I heard that the President has decided to ban all transgender people from service in our military, I hope you will appreciate the fact that my very first reaction was “Is he out of what passes for his tiny little mind?”

Here’s why I say that.

We have a volunteer military in this country. Everyone who serves to protect and defend us is a VOLUNTEER. As in, “Dude, I could have just become a plumber.” Instead, each and every one of the men and women who carry guns for our military forces is there because they chose to be.

So kudos to all of them! Why on earth would we care what genitals they are carrying under their regulation uniforms? Why would we care who they are attracted to? Or how they see themselves, in terms of their own personal gender? What possible difference could any of that make to any of us?

I have the supreme luxury of NOT carrying a gun into battle. I have the security of knowing that none of my three straight children will be forced to carry a gun into battle.

Soldiers of the United States, I salute you, I thank you, I honor your service! I do NOT care if you call yourself Carl or Carol. I just don’t.

Also, modern warfare is plenty expensive. We spend 10 billion or so dollars on ONE aircraft carrier. I really, truly don’t mind paying for medical care for our soldiers. I don’t mind having my tax dollars go toward their cardiac medicine, their psychology visits, their knee replacements or their gender confirmation surgeries.

Honest! I don’t!

So, Mr. What-Passes-These-Days-For-A-President,

Please reconsider your ridiculous, pointless, vindictive, prejudiced policy on allowing non-traditional gender identifying soldiers to help protect and defend these United States.

Those of us who sit safely in our living rooms, rolling our eyes at your obnoxious tweets are grateful to all who have volunteered to keep us safe. ALL of them. EVERY single one.


About your Russian connections….Colorado Soldiers Return Home


20 thoughts on “Military Rules?

  1. What next? Ban transgendered citizens from voting? Who knew the president had all these powers? Where is this coming from? Are there no longer any branches of government other than the president?


  2. Oh, first I laughed then when I stopped to think of the serious nature of all of this I want to cry. How can someone like that be in our white house? I mean really, he is allowed to sleep there and some of us couldn’t even get to tour it because the only time in our lives we were ever in the city of DC the place was closed because of 911. I so agree with you and the worst is that it just won’t go away. Keep posting!!


  3. I have a son at Navy Office Candidate School right now. I would be happy to have anyone beside him. This makes me sad and angry. He’s given up everything to do this. Anyone wiling to go through the hell he’s going through right now, deserves to be there no matter what. Thank you for your post!


    • Please thank your son for his service! I don’t think its right how few Americans understand that every single person who serves in our military is a volunteer. That in itself keeps those who don’t serve in the debt of those who do!

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  4. “Greater love has no man then if he should lay down his life for another….” I don’t care if you’re straight, bi, gay, trans, ci, or asexual, if you are willing to protect my life, my freedoms, my country, my family, then I love you and I support you. End of story.

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  5. Well said. Having lost friends in the Viet Nam War I appreciate any one who goes into the military and keeps me and my family safe. And someone should take away “his” Twitter account – the man is nuts.


    • I so agree. People just sit back and never think about the fact that our military are all volunteers! I think we owe it to them to get them BACK home! And if they are willing to serve…who cares about their sex lives, as long as everything is consensual (an issue the military still isn’t addressing well enough!)


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