Oh, Thank Goodness We’re Protected!

Gosh, I feel so much safer now that we have a Commander In Chief who is determined to protect us from this scary, scary world.

I mean, sure, we still have to face the dangers brought about by escalating climate change. Floods, super storms, droughts….all of those threats are still out there. In spades.

And, yeah, I know that North Korea is promising to nuke us all into the stone age. I realize that the current administration hasn’t managed to ease or mitigate that particular threat in any way, shape or form. I know.

And I’m aware that Iran is heating up, Afghanistan is still a disaster and Syria is on the brink of total annihilation.

Of course, we also face constant cyber threats from inside and outside of the U.S. and the entire grid could go down at any minute.

But, still! We have a President who has promised to keep us safe from all those dangerous drug dealing rapists streaming over the border from Mexico. And golly, gee, he means what he says!

When I read about the recent detention of 10 year old Rosa Maria in Corpus Christi, all I could think was, “Wow! Now my family can rest easy!”

Our tax dollars are surely being put to good use when we are protected from the terrible risk posed by little girls with cerebral palsy. Little girls like Rosa Maria Hernandez whose parents deliberately broke American law when they brought her to the United States at the age of three months so she could get decent medical care for her disability.

It just makes me so proud, as an American citizen, to know that my government is willing to send armed, uniformed officers to make sure that a disabled little girl won’t do any terrorism while she’s recovering from major surgery.

I just feel so…..safe!

Oh, sure, I know that my chances of being murdered by a pissed off neighbor with a concealed weapon are about 10 million times greater than my odds of being hurt by Rosa Maria. But, gosh, America, don’t we have some standards to live by?

If every devoted, impoverished Mexican family tries to move across the border to keep their babies alive, doesn’t that mean that the very foundation of our democracy is at risk?

RosaMaria, I hope you understand the kind of existential threat you pose to the most powerful nation on earth with your disrespect for authority.

I know that I will sleep better tonight knowing that one more scared, hurting, lonely, confused child is safely in detention.

Don’t you all feel so much safer?





11 thoughts on “Oh, Thank Goodness We’re Protected!

  1. I serve a fairly large Hispanic population with my job in the hospital. Every time that I walk into a room and begin my mandatory review of their address, insurance info, employment status, even down to asking them for an email, I find myself wondering what they must be thinking and if they are answering in such a way to protect themselves from any of this craziness that is our American government ready to pounce and send them packing. It is deeply disturbing when I am working directly with their newborn child, who simply by birth is recognized as a citizen, to contemplate that perhaps the parents may be terrified that their ability to stay in this country is compromised.


  2. That poor child. Recovering from surgery, and developmentally disabled.
    I am sure she does not understand why she can’t be with her mom and she’s probably scared to death.
    This is child abuse, period. It’s unconscionable, disgusting, and immoral.
    I don’t understand how these ICE people can live with themselves. Yes I know that they are “just following orders.” Well, so were the Nazi guards, and they were not allowed to use that excuse at Nuremberg.


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