Yes, Dammit, It IS a Gun Problem

I am speechless. I have no idea what to say, or how to respond.

Yesterday I was taking a quick check of Twitter when I read the breaking news about the latest mass shooting. More school children cowering as bullets fly overhead. More innocent victims cut down as they go through their daily lives.

I commented on Twitter, because I can’t stand it anymore.

Now, you have to know that I hardly ever tweet. Sometimes I respond, and I often retweet what others have said. But this time my anger, my sorrow, my rage made me send out my message.

Because, come ON! Of course it’s a damn gun problem!!!

All of the usual arguments against gun control are just so stupid. They simply make no sense.

I won’t even go into them all. I can’t.

I just can’t.

My heart hurts. My head hurts. My logical brain? It doesn’t hurt anymore because it melted.

Oh, the responses I got.

Holy hell.

What the absolute fluff is wrong with these people?

Let me be clear (to quote every politician in the past 50 years). The people who responded to me were articulate, smart, well informed and respectful. There was no name calling and no profanity. On their part or on mine.

But do you know what they believe??! Are you ready for this?

These American citizens, living in what most people would consider to be a relatively civilized country, these people scolded me for my belief that I am in danger because so many people around me are carrying concealed weapons.

These are a few of their responses to my insistence that the problem is a gun problem.

And also

Uh, huh. So….the answer isn’t to limit the number of deadly weapons. The answer is to arm the schools. And churches. And movie theaters. And malls.

What the hell?

Then there was this:

This is just about the saddest, most distressing image of the United States that I have ever seen. These people honestly believe that the police have no duty to protect us. They truly believe that their only defense from people with guns is to carry guns.

They are unable to grasp the fact that in EVERY OTHER developed country on earth, this is untrue. They believe that every young mother who takes her babies out to the park should be packin’ heat. Every teacher should be armed. Every grandmother like me should have a gun in my purse before I take the kids into the grocery store.

This is, of course, insane.

But the fact that these intelligent people believe it is just about the most depressing thing I’ve seen in years.

It is also just about the least patriotic thing I’ve seen in years. They distrust the government, the police, the fire department, the laws of the nation. They distrust and dislike the United States.

And they honestly believe that we living in the age of the OK Corral.

Isn’t that just awful?

I still think its a gun problem.



9 thoughts on “Yes, Dammit, It IS a Gun Problem

  1. Just maddening. Let’s not limit any freedoms, then. No speed limits, no mandatory taxes, no rules against slander and libel. Let’s have anarchy and return to frontier law. The level of stupidity that people exhibit re/ right to bear arms is unbelievable. Of course, look at who they elected to be president. Can anyone carry a loaded weapon into congress or the White House? I think not.

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  2. I used to be on FB. I used to make comments or post articles that align with my views on a number of topics. I used to get mad and speak out. I used to hope that facts might help to educate and inform.
    I came to the decision that trying to have a discussion (on any topic) with someone who lives confidently in another era and uses outdated laws to justify their position was more than just stressful. It was futile.

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      • I think speaking out is great, and no one should stop. I suppose it’s more about the attempts to convince someone who is, and will likely always be, so obstinately refusing to even listen to another opinion. Like the Twitter guy who clearly was never going to acknowledge any common ground between you two. I think I am still trying to find ways to speak that might preempt those like Twitter guy, but it’s hard. I always wanted to be open to discussion, not simply shot down time after time with hateful words.


  3. These people are intelligent? I think not. I am like you. Don’t get me started. Gun nuts are all over the place and mentally unstable people. How in the hell would the US ever round up all the guns or the mentally ill people? I don’t see an end to this. No way in hell because folks are not going to give up their guns. After all it is “their right.” It should not be this way but it is. Too many powerful people and politicians.

    Australia, Japan, Norway and I forget what other country were extremely smart. They bought up all the guns and now have stringent laws about what gun one can have and, who can have that gun.

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  4. You know i’m on your side here. I am overwhelmed by the blind and self-righteous stupidity of people like this man, who sees carrying a lethal weapon as a ‘civil right’. As for ‘no right to safety’… Makes ‘Land of the free and the home of the brave’ a big fat lie.


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