I’ll Cook My Way Back to Sanity

We are living in horrible times. We are witnessing the destruction of all that two generations of women have worked to achieve.

As far as I am concerned, we are seeing the complete collapse of the two party system in the US. I’m pretty sure that 90% of us would vote of “None of the above” if they were on any ballot.


What’s a sad, angry, anxious old Italian lady to do?


I’ll cook my way to relative sanity. l have bone broth on the stove. There’s a nice sourdough starter on my counter. I have canned tomatoes for sauce and locally sourced ground beef and pork for the meatballs.

I can’t make Mitch McConnell go up in a puff of smoke for his hypocritical bullshit. I can’t save the Supreme Court of the US from becoming infected with a total and complete lack of impartiality.

I can’t make Mueller hurry the freak up and get that awful, ugly, ignorant, hateful, nasty egomaniac out of office.

I can make ravioli and roasted peppers and maybe a nice ricotta pie.

If there is a Heaven, I will still be at least relatively sane when this insanity comes to its inevitable end.


7 thoughts on “I’ll Cook My Way Back to Sanity

  1. This too will pass and women will rise stronger than ever, supported by so many men. However hard it is to be a women in the US these days, how awful must it be to be a man, a good man.
    Use a slow cooker though, it might take some time.


    • Tric, I do understand what you mean, but I think you have to be here. I am the mom of two young adult men. Neither would EVER be in a situation where they could be accused of any kind of assault. I’m married to such a man, the daughter of one, the sister of three fine men. BUT: I live in a country where men are being found guilty of years and years of sexual assault. Men in TV, in positions of power in the medical world, in academia, in Congress. They are being sent to jail. They are guilty.
      I fear far far far more for my daughter (who narrowly escaped an assault) and my wee granddaughter who, at the age of three, has already learned to tell her beloved Uncle as he played with her braids, “Stop. It’s my body and I get to decide.”
      Our President brags about sexual assault. He is a heinous, awful, ugly image of what a man should be.
      I promise you that the good men in my life support the horrified women 100%.


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