Good Thing We Have Holidays

My house is generally sort of clean. Ish. I sweep the floors or vacuum pretty much every day. I have been known to wash my floors (if its muddy and the dogs have been coming in and out.)

I don’t do clutter. Unless you count the pile of papers that live on my counter, waiting to be looked at later.

So, you know. We are generally pretty clean.

But all I can say is that it’s a damn good thing that we have the occasional holiday. And it’s a damn good thing that I host them sometimes.

I say this because even thought today is a full three days before Thanksgiving, I have already cleaned two closets, dusted 25 picture frames (do you clean people do this on a regular basis?) and completely reorganized by kitchen.

I’ve located matching wineglasses and cleaned them all. I’ve counted out enough matching napkins for every guest to have one. Except me. I’ll get the mismatched napkin, but it’s all good. No doubt everyone will notice my extreme self sacrifice.

Today I found myself noticing all the dead bugs that have collected in various light fixtures. Ewwwwww and yuuuuuuuuuuuk all at once.

So there I was, standing on a chair, unscrewing light globes and shades, removing bulbs, and washing and dusting all of it. The back it all went.

What the heck.

I feel like I do a fairly, sorta, kinda good job of keeping ahead of the dust bunnies and grime. 

At least I try!!!

But after all, it’s a good thing that at least once a year I have a reason to reach down deep and really get things clean.

Excuse me now. I need to go scrub the baseboards behind the toilet.

9 thoughts on “Good Thing We Have Holidays

  1. Impressive…but I keep writing for pay so that I can have Lisa here every other week to scrub toilets and showers, clean counters, dust, vacuum and really scrub the kitchen floor. I’m nearing 75; cleaning has never been my thing; and, for once in my life, I’ve decided I’m worth it. Happy Thanksgiving!


    • Happy Thanksgiving to you and to yours, Nancye!! I have never been able to imagine having a cleaning person. We talked about it once when I was teaching and had all three kids home, but I realized I’d just get all nervous and feel unworthy and I’d end up cleaning before the cleaners got there! It really is good that I tend to host at least a couple of times a year!! Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!!!


  2. I keep my place pretty clean. Ish. Too. It’s only when you look closer that you would notice that a deep cleansing hasn’t been done in a while. When it gets too bad I just invite friends over for brunch or dinner. It usually does the trick, if sometimes only an hour or two before their arrival 🙂


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