It was so many years ago, and it all seems almost like a dream. Even so, I remember all of the sadness, the struggles, the joy. I remember it the way you remember those things that change you at the most minute level of your every cell.

More than three decades ago, when I was a young, healthy woman, Paul and I finally came to the point in our lives when we were ready and eager to start a family. We’d been to college, had our first jobs, gone off to graduate school.

The age of 30 was looming ahead of me, and I was getting anxious about putting off motherhood. After all, I was the oldest daughter in a family of six kids. I considered my own Mom, and her mother before her, to be the epitome of women who were fulfilling their life’s true purpose.

Of course I knew that times were changing, and that women of my generation were expected to have college degrees and jobs and careers. I was delighted by all of that, but I still longed for the chance to become a mother. I had fed and changed and cradled my youngest siblings, and my maternal instincts were incredibly cranked up.

So we put aside the birth control and waited for the miracle. And we waited. And waited some more. My heart became heavier with each passing month, and eventually we realized that we’d need some medical help.

My deepest and dearest wish seemed to be out of my reach.

But at last, at last, at last. Just before my dreaded thirtieth birthday, I conceived. My dream was coming true. Slowly, through those long, anxious months, I began to believe that I would finally hold my own baby.

And it happened. On January 11th, 1986, after more hours than I want to think about, my beautiful girl came into the world. I took one look at her and my heart melted into a pool of motherly smoosh.

THIS was the most gorgeous, most perfect, most lovable and loving human being that had ever been born. I immediately felt badly for every parent who had to learn how to love their inferior children.

I’m not kidding.

I was beyond in love. The smell of her cheek, the darkness of her brown eyes, the shape of those tiny lips…..all of it was completely intoxicating to both Paul and I.

At last, I was a mother. My dream had come true.

Now it is 33 years after that life-changing moment of birth. My beautiful, perfect little baby girl has become a strong, passionate, smart, funny, wonderful woman. She is a fabulous teacher, loved by her students and their parents.

She is a mother of incredible humor, grace, gentleness and love. She is a better mother than I was, and I was pretty damned good. She’s a great cook, a loyal and devoted friend, a supportive colleague. She is a political activist, a well informed and passionate progressive.

She is still a miracle to me. I am still so in love with the beauty of her smile, the shine of her gorgeous hair, the strength that I see in her interactions with her kids.

Happy, happy birthday to the incredible young woman who I still consider to be the most excellent and perfect of dreams come true.

My lovely girl with her lovely girl.

11 thoughts on “Motherhood

  1. What a lovely tribute! I too felt bad for my son’s friends’ parents, who had to settle for their obviously “inferior” child, when I had lucked out and gotten the best one. He will be 36 on January 21st.
    You and Kate have a lot to celebrate tomorrow!

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      • I knew someone who cried all the way to the hospital on the way to give birth to her second child because she was sure she could never love the second one as much as she loved the first. We moms certainly do make ourselves crazy. As a first-born, I certainly felt loved, but I also felt tremendous pressure to achieve and please my mother. So maybe she didn’t think my sister was the most amazing baby in the history of the world, but my sister was obviously loved, and also cut a great deal of slack.

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      • Oh, my gosh, that was me, too! “Honey, I know I won’t love this one as much……” followed within three weeks by “Honey, I’m afraid I love this one more than our first….” Motherhood is hilariously serious business!


  2. LOVE THIS – and you and HER so very much, she is a blessing to all who know her, thank you guys for making such an incredible human.
    LOVE YOU!!! And YEAY Katie!!
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! (I wish I saw this on her birthday but I did get her that day) XOXO


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