#weekendcoffeeshare. Mueller, of course

Siberian Squill

If you were here, having coffee in my living room, you’d notice that the air is warm and moist. Almost tropic feeling this morning. Outside my door, daffodils and crocus have opened, and my little squill bulbs have pushed up their tiny blue blossoms.

You would think I’d be happy, wouldn’t you? There are two cuddly dogs asleep at our feet and the coffee that I’ve brewed for us is hot and rich. We have slices of banana bread balanced on our knees, too, and the cinnamon smell is wonderful.

I want to be filled with joyful spring feelings, but I’m struggling today.

No matter how hard I try, I can’t bring myself to understand how my government has become so totally corrupt.

I used to be a fifth grade teacher. I loved teaching the kids about the formation of the government. I taught them about the “great experiment” in the US, in which a people’s government would be saved from corruption through it’s system of checks and balances.

How sad.

We don’t seem to have either checks of balances. Mueller’s report shows us that our President got help in the campaign from the Russians. Might not have been his idea (is anything?) but he surely benefitted and welcomed that help. Then he tried to get in the way of the investigation into that help.

He did everything he could to thwart it. He lied in public. He fired the head of the FBI. He hinted at pardons for the multitude of friends, hirelings and administration officials who’ve been indicted. He threatened those who thought of testifying.

So where’s the check on this?


The House of Representatives, according to it’s overly pragmatic leader, won’t impeach the President. Oh, sure, he’s committed all kinds of inappropriate and possibly illegal actions. But the Senate is in the hands of the Republics, so impeachment would fail to bring a conviction. So we won’t bother.


What do teachers tell kids now?

“There is a system of checks and balances but it’s really only about the two big parties. A corrupt President will be just fine as long as he’s protected by a corrupt Congress.”


I need more coffee.

I found this little weekend coffee klatch through Eclectic Alli. Check it out. Most people were more upbeat than me this week.

11 thoughts on “#weekendcoffeeshare. Mueller, of course

  1. Do you remember the days of having coffee with friends and actually not being focused on all the crap that is our government now…seems like so long ago, and like it may never end 😦

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  2. I think I need more of that coffee! This is a great post, it made me think about what I teach my daughter. I’d like to think that I teach her to think for herself, to search for information in different places, and try to see the bigger picture. She knows for example that once a week I make a thing about watching the news from different countries, and we talk about how they report the same happening completely different. That the same event often is unrecognizable depending on what news you choose. Thank you for the coffee.

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  3. I agree with you and I can understand your frustration. I find it very puzzling that in a country where I was mildly chastised by an HR director for praising the colourful blouse that the receptionist was wearing because “it brightened up my day,” a man who was caught bragging that he could use his power to grab a young lady by her private parts, can be voted in to be president. Apparently, by words to the smiling, friendly receptionist, who I greatly admired as a great representative of my company, were “sexual harassment.” Huh?


  4. Great post, and a timely reminder that I need to have another conversation with my tween about America and Trump. I am grateful for being able to use these vexing times to discuss the importance of truth, honesty and respect.

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