Pulling Back the Veil

Grampa with my youngest on his first birthday.

Sometimes I think I’m a tiny bit psychic. I might suddenly think about one of my kids and have that child text me right then. I sometimes know what song is coming next. I’ve had dreams about things that actually happened while I was sleeping.

I’ve had a few experiences where someone who had recently died came to me in a vivid dream to say “Please pass on a message to my family. I’m fine and I don’t want them to be upset!”

Still. I am no true psychic.

I just wish that I was!

I wish that I could understand messages from those who have passed on into the next reality.

Because sometimes I can feel my Dad.

Sometimes, like right now, I KNOW that he’s here. I feel his warmth, I hear his breath. He’s talking, but I can’t understand him.

There is veil between our worlds. It’s so thin that it seems beyond ridiculous that I can’t just pull it aside and ask, “What’s up, Dad? What are you telling me?”

He comes when I’m sad. When I’m confused. He comes at times when I question my own self worth, and second guess every single thing I’ve done or said in the past.

He comes then. And sometimes I am able to see him shaking his head, and smiling just a little. I see his brown eyes and the shape of his cheek. I see/feel/remember the smell of him as he held me to his chest. Old Spice, warm sweat, Dad. And I KNOW that he’s here. Sometimes I can make out the general shape of his thoughts, “I love you. I miss you. I see you with those kids. I’m proud of you.”

Sometimes I know that I’m just making it up, that I hear what I want to hear.


Right this very minute, as I sit in my glider in my living room, looking out at the cool grey afternoon, I feel him so insistently beside me. He wants to me know something, to understand or to do something, but I can’t hear him. I can’t see him through that veil of smoke that drifts between us.

I’ll keep trying. I’ll keep myself open and try to hear what it is that he is telling me. I feel his love, and his support. I feel his gentle humor. Whatever it is that Dad is telling me right now, it is something that will comfort me. Of that I am sure.

I just need to be a better interpreter of the next world. I need to learn how to pull that curtain aside, if only for a minute.

7 thoughts on “Pulling Back the Veil

  1. Karen…you need to go to a medium and have a reading…I have been twice to a group reading with Melissa Boyd (look her up, she’s awesome) with 4 friends in my book group. Both times my dad came through and sent very reassuring messages..Melissa didn’t know it but Dad was always skeptical about my writing and kept asking me if it was worth it when he’d see me pecking away at the typewriter after spending several hours covering a selectmen’s meeting. That was back in the late ’70s when you got paid $5 a meeting and 5 cents a column inch for your stories in the weeklies…Dad didn’t seem to get my passion for writing or my need to do it and, sadly, died in 1982 before I went to the Lowell Sun and landed great stories, the theater beat and dozens of celebrity interviews (Julia Child, Carol Channing, Liza Minelli, Paul Tsongas, Tommy Tune, Bill Cosby (I know, yuck), Keith Lockhart, Ray Romano, John Kerry, Valerie Harper, Georgia Engel, Lily Tomlin, Edward Albee, Arthur Miller and on and on)…how I wish he’d known because he would have loved it…but now thanks to my readings with Melissa, I know Dad knows now and is proud of my accomplishments. Some people might think it’s all hocus pocus, but I believe she channeled him and others in my family and my friends…sorry to be long-winded, but your Dad is trying to get through to you and a medium could help…good luck, friend!

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    • I love that you had this experience!!! I have actually been to a wonderful medium when Ellie was only 9 months old. She brought my Dad forward and he described (among many other things) a game that I was playing with Ellie every day. No body knew about that game except Ellie and I. She said, “your Dad loves that game, and watches when you play it.” I am a huge believer….I just wish so much that I could hear him myself….especially when I feel him standing right in front of me. Thanks, Nancye!!!


  2. It’s a special power that mothers have. My mother was psychic too. After I’d moved out on my own, mother would sometimes just call out of the blue and say, “What’s wrong?” 90% of the time there was something wrong – either I was sick, or something else was wrong. Once the company I was working for laid everyone off. She called in the middle of the afternoon. weird.

    as far as I’ve noticed fathers don’t seem to have this power, they just say, “What?” a lot and are generally confused by life…


  3. I so believe you! I have had those feelings where I feel like someone brushed by me or the smell of cigarette smoke at times I felt I wish I could talk to my dad . I believe this is so possible .. oh yes he was a smoker . But yes I believe you should go to a Medium .


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