Ruh, Roh. This Thing Ain’t Going Anywhere.

I don’t mean to be negative or anything, but what the HELL is wrong with humans?

I went out for the first time in a week, just to run two errands. Neither one involved human contact. We used the drive through at the bank, sanitizing as we went. Then I went to a friend’s house, to pick up some fresh eggs that she’d put on her porch for us. I Venmo’d her the money.

My husband and I are careful. We really don’t like the idea of getting pneumonia. We shudder to think of needing a ventilator. Death is not on our schedule this month.

And we love our family. We love my 90 year old Mom, and all three of our kids and their partners. We are crazy about our two grandkids and we’re being extra careful because of the third one who is due to appear any day.

We also respect our neighbors, our doctors, the nurses who will care for our newborn and his Momma.

More importantly, we grasp that whole “no man is an island” thing. It makes sense to us that if tons of people in our town get sick, the whole town will be in trouble. Same for our state. And our country.

Same for the whole damn world. Right?

So when every smart person around the world tells us to self-isolate, we’re doing it.

What the hell is wrong with everyone else out there, huh?

Here in Massachusetts, the Governor has ordered that all “non-essential” businesses must close. Of course, grocery stores and banks are allowed to stay open, along with doctors’ offices and pharmacies. Makes sense to me.

But why is Ocean State Job Lot still open? And Walmart? Why is T-Mobile up and running? And General Nutrition? Really?

Folks, as far as I could see from my short drive around this rural-suburban area, this virus is not going away any time soon.

The liquor store lots were full. The Walmart lot was barely showing a single open space, and it’s the size of two football fields.

I understand that people want to get outside, I do. I understand that sometimes picking up laundry detergent seems vital.

But honest to God, when you pack shoppers into a store, pushing carts around with their hands, touching items and putting them back, coughing, laughing, talking to each other and using the same little bathrooms, then you are hading the victory to the microbes.

I’m back in my safe little sanitized house again now. Hands have been thoroughly washed, eggs have been put away. We’ve settled in now for the duration.

I’m not going back out there again, I tell you. No way.

Because the rest of humanity seems to think this is just a little head cold, and they’re not going to let it stop them from getting a bargain on nail polish.

Image Credit: “August 12, 2015” by osseous is licensed under CC BY 2.0 

2 thoughts on “Ruh, Roh. This Thing Ain’t Going Anywhere.

  1. Up here near Toronto, most stores are closed, parking lots are empty. A few folks out for walks but everyone moves 8 or 10 feet away from everyone else on the sidewalks. Stores have limits on how many people in at one time. Taped distances on the floors so people are spaced out in grocery lines. Perhaps its a bit more in the Canadian psyche to behave in a ‘collective’ and perhaps even ‘obedient’ manner, not sure, but very thankful that most people around here (young and old alike) are taking it seriously. Our hearts go out to NYC and the other hot spots developing in our neighbour country. Thanks for your post – hope folks read and take heed.

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  2. I am still going out for runs (solo! I promise!) because heaven knows my mental health will proceed into a steep downward slide if I don’t. And I cannot believe how many people are suddenly interested in going for walks! All my favorite trails are suddenly crowded, and worse, folks won’t MOVE to do their part to ensure six feet of space, which meant that I was practically running in the bushes to get away from people. I have come to realize that running in the middle of the day or in the evening is simply not a good idea, and I am now running early in the morning before all the morons roll out of bed. *sigh*

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