Helplessly Hoping

Enduring the anxiety that is 2020.

The global pandemic of Covid-19 continues to rage around the world. The entire west coast of the US is in flames. Protests continue in cities across America, and the violence is slowly increasing.

But that’s not why I am so afraid.

I’m terrified, my friends. I’m really scared right now, more than I have been at any other point in my life. What has me so frightened?

I’m afraid of my fellow citizens. I am afraid of a second civil war.

You gotta give it to Donald Trump. The man has managed to create his own reality out of thin air. He has grasped control of the facts and twisted them around to support his own narrative on every subject.

And he has made it impossible to argue effectively against him.

He’s done all of this with two simple, powerful words.

“Fake News”

No matter what facts are presented to Trump’s followers, they are able to easily wave them away. “Nah, that’s just the corrupt media making stuff up!”

“Fake News”

I see this over and over again on social media, and on news reports. I have had my own relatives and friends say it to me. When it’s pointed out that the raging wildfires are tied to global warming, Trump’s people respond with claims that “antifa” is setting the fires to create chaos. People believe it, because when you try to tell them the truth, they answer that the media is creating “fake news.”

There is no possible way to refute this kind of thinking. For instance, out there in Oregon, the FBI (THE FREAKIN’ FBI) has publicly stated that there is no truth at all to the antifa arson stories. NONE. And they should know. They have investigated it at LOT. They found nothing!

Pretty official. Pretty convincing to the vast majority of thoughtful and intelligent folks, right?

But look at a few of the responses that this one tweet got:

See what I mean?

If these people believe that the FBI is in the hands of the radical left, then what hope is there of convincing them of the truth? Reality has lost all meaning. Facts have no power.

So I am truly afraid of what is going to happen on Nov.4th and beyond. I’m afraid.

Fox News and other right wing outlets are claiming that Democrats, the left, and antifa are all threatening violence if Biden loses the election. They claim that they need to grab their guns so they can defend the country from the raging angry leftists.

And left wing media outlets, like, predict that if Trump loses, the far right and it’s militias will engage in violence to protest what they will see as a “rigged election.”

And so left leaning militias are promising to take up arms to stop the right.

You see why I’m scared?

I’m scared because the one thing that Donald Trump truly excels in is controlling the national conversation.

He is a master liar. Perhaps because of his deep seated psychological disorders, Trump is able to lie without a hint of remorse. He can repeat the same lie over and over again with no qualms. He tells us that the election will be rigged. He repeats over and over that the election results will not be legitimate. He warns of violence. He talks about rioters and looters as antifa. He successfully whips up his followers and he does it by calmly stating over and over and over and over and over that any statement with which he does not agree is a lie.

Do you see how terrifying this is?

He can tell people literally anything, and they will believe it. As you read these words, there are people in the inferno of the American Northwest who are refusing to evacuate their blazing neighborhoods. They feel compelled to stay at home to protect their property from the “antifa hordes” who have set fires in order to loot property.

Even as I write this morning, people are walking around in stores without face coverings because they believe that “There is no Covid. It’s all a hoax to take down the United States.” Or they believe that it was created by the Deep State to control citizens.

This is, of course, beyond delusional. It’s outright crazy. But they believe it. Because Trump has gotten his followers to disbelieve the press. He has convinced them that his own FBI, CIA, Homeland Security are not to be trusted. He has told them over and over that our own CDC is lying to us.

And if facts are presented, all he has to whisper is his favorite motto.

“Fake News.”

11 thoughts on “Helplessly Hoping

    • I wish I had more faith that Biden will win, and more faith that a Biden administration would bring some real change. Alas, I look back at the Obama years and how little was accomplished in terms of climate change and ending wars overseas…..welp. I am not feeling hopeful.

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  1. I too was disappointed by the Obama presidency, but I’d much rather have a Biden presidency similar to Obama’s than the insanity we have now. Obama didn’t accomplish as much as I’d hoped either domestically or internationally, but he wasn’t a wannabe autocrat who threatened our institutions and fundamental system of government.
    I expect that Biden is going to win. I don’t expect that Trump will leave, unless the Marine guards carry him out and dump him onto Black Lives Matter Plaza.

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    • I know, I know. I just have to shake my head at those who believe that the climate disaster will ease if Biden wins, or that income inequality will decrease or that our endless, useless, oil protecting wars will ever wind down.

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      • But I believe our fundamental institutions will be stronger if Biden wins, like Justice and the CDC. Biden won’t fix all that ails us, but he’s not a wannabe autocrat, and it will be a win for the rule of law.
        I know it will be good for my health if Biden wins. My heart can’t take another four years of DJT.


  2. You put into words what I am so fearful of.
    Please share on Facebook so that I can share it. I am not optimistic and I fear another Civil War. Our nation is doomed and our kids and grandkids are the ones who will pay the price unless we can make changes starting in November 😥😥


  3. So.Scared.Too.
    We had terrible bushfires here in Australia last summer- Spring is here early- I am already dreading what awaits us… we lost over one billion animals… and we don’t have a Trump to make everything worse [yet]. 😦


  4. You are absolutely right! I’ve had several conversations with people that truly belief COVID-19 is a hoax, the CDC and WHO are lying about the ever rising death toll, supporters of black lives matter are hate groups and the left is causing all of our woes. Facts no longer matter and it is absolutely scary. People are willing to risk their lives on these notions and many are dying because of it. I’ve never been this nervous over an upcoming election. November is going to be a rough month. Prayers to you all. Please be safe out there.


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