One Dozen

One dozen is only twelve donuts. One dozen is only a handful of m&ms.

A dozen years is merely the time it takes for a newborn to get to the sixth grade. Ask any parent on earth and they will assure you that twelve short years go by unbelievably quickly.

A dozen years ago, George H. Dubya Bush was President. The housing bubble was just beginning to burst. General Petraeus was coming under fire for his failure to maintain security in the face of an affair.

You remember all of this, don’t you?

It wasn’t very long ago.

In fact, to some of us it seems like just last week.

A dozen years is not very long. I’m 62 years old, and I figure I’ll still be around in twelve short years.

So why am I writing about a dozen years? I’ll tell you why.

Because as unbelievable as it seems, climate scientists are telling us that if we don’t manage to stop and reverse global warming within that very very short period of time, we will most likely be looking at the end of the world we know. Coastlines will flood, Droughts will intensify. Our efforts to feed the population of the world will be further stressed.

In other words, we have twelve very very short years to try to make things on this earth a little bit less catastrophic.

I don’t know about you, but that seems like a pretty big deal to me. Twelve years? To try to save our current civilization?

Gulp. And gulp again.

Seems to me that given this information, our entire focus should be on changing that terrible prospect for the future. Seems to me that every single city in the world should be looking at ways to reduce the use of fossil fuels. Every state should be looking at ways to increase the presence of trees, grasses and native plants.

Call me crazy, but it sure seems to me that every single country on this spinning blue planet should be working together to reduce greenhouse gasses, increase oxygen production and focus on environmental policies.


Why are we all in a sweat about a freaking wall? Build it, don’t build it, whatever…..Can we talk about stopping climate change yet?

Why are we focused on trading petroleum based products back and forth instead of working together to find some green products that could replace them?

Twelve years.

Holy shit.

Twelve short, short years to try to turn around the probable destruction of the entire planet.

Call me crazy, but I’m ready to vote for any candidate who steps up and demands that climate preservation is the first order of business and all the rest is just noise.

Who’s with me?

Hot, hot, hot

Only its not, not, not.....

Only its not, not, not…..

Alrighty then.

It’s May 26th.

Time for shorts.  Time for flip flops. Sun tan lotion.

Time for sweat.


So why am I sitting in my living room in fuzzy socks and a sweatshirt?  Why do I still have a blanket and a quilt on my bed? Why aren’t the dogs shedding and the fans blowing and the windows wide open?

Its time already!

I want to sit out on the deck with an iced coffee.  I want to fan myself with a folded paper, wipe my wrist across my brow and say, “God, its so hot!”

I am ready.

I want thunderstorms.  I want hazy, hot and humid. I want to be happy when I feel the air conditioning come on, instead of zipping up my sweatshirt.

I want summer, for God’s sake!  And I want it NOW!

I hate to be a climate change denier, you know? I’m into science and all that.

But, seriously?

What global warming?


I really miss my flip-flops.

Oceanfront Property

My Dream Yard. Really.

Lately I have noticed that I am becoming a horrible “Negative Nancy”.  You know the type   I mean.  I’m turning into one of those people who can turn the littlest thing into a disaster, and a disaster into the end of the world.

I’m a grump.  A curmudgeon.  A pain in the ass.

Lately I have noticed that I complain about school way too much.  Like, instead of saying, “My goodness, these new Common Core Standards are certainly rigorous.”, I tend to say, “Who the F%!#@ came up with this sh%*$!?”   Sigh. It doesn’t help.

And I complain about my kids being grown up, even though I know that I am incredibly lucky to have three grown kids who are happy and healthy.  This past year has shown me all too clearly what a precious gift that really is.  But even though my brain knows how lucky I am, my heart feels heavy every day, knowing that my kids are grown and gone.  And so I sigh, and moan, and feel oh-s0-sorry for my poor old self.   Negative, negative, negative Nancy!

And I have noticed lately that I am really feeling pretty damn grim about the world in general!  I watch the news, and I think about all of the wars, and the violence and the cyber attacks and the terrorism and the plagues and the locusts and the…..   Well.   You can see where my mind has gone.  I’ve started to hoard essential items like batteries and propane and spaghetti.  Looking on the dark side for sure.

So when the East Coast experienced the rage and power of Super Storm Sandy last week, you can imagine what went through my mind!  Paul and I filled every available container with water (when the power goes out, so does the water pump. Ergo no water. Ergo no coffee.  Ergo no peace and quiet.)  We bought extra flashlights, and tuna and peanut butter and wine.  We braced for the worst.

Sandy spared us by taking a sharp turn inland before she got to New England, but we still got to experience some downed trees, street floods and flickering lights.  More significantly, for this Negative old Nancy, we got to watch endless coverage of every moment of the destruction that the storm brought to the beautiful beaches of New Jersey, Maryland and New York.  We got to obsess for hours about global warming and  whether or not its too late to do a single thing to alleviate it. We had two full days to wander around on-line, learning about rising sea levels and increasing storm surges.  Two days to ruminate about the end of life-as-we-know-it. Scary, scary, scary.

But I have decided to reject the negativity!  I will resist, I say!!  No more whining, moaning, complaining and wringing of hands. No sirree.  I am now 100% determined to look on the bright side of life no matter what.


I am really, really excited to know that my dream is going to come true!  You see, now I know that my house (located roughly 50 miles from the nearest beach) will one day be super valuable and wicked awesome oceanfront property!! I can hardly wait!

How’s that for Suzy Sunshine?!


Please either vote Green Party this election or make a commitment to one of the many organizations fighting hard to force our leaders to address global warming.  I recommend