Lies Told By Lying Liars

Sometimes I have to step away from the news. Even the news I write over on Liberal America.

Sometimes things happen that make me so mad I scare myself.

Today was one of those days. I watched news coverage and read a whole lot of online news. I was nauseated by all the reporting on the Orange Menace. The Cowardly Liar. The Dump.

He Who Shall Not Be Named.

I was disgusted, but I didn’t explode.

Not until I started to write about a new ad that the damned, accursed, loathsome NRA has taken out to run in key swing states.

It is an ad that is calculated to create unreasonable fear in citizens so that they will behave in a particular way.

It’s terrorism. It’s all lies. I was shaking and in tears by the time I finished it.

It’s a damn good thing I’m a pacifist……

Please read this. Please share it with your friends who live in those key swing states.

“NRA’s Dramatic New Ad Targets Women”Uzi_of_the_israeli_armed_forces


NeverTrump, NeverHillary

Or “Neither.”  Or “None of the above.”

Why on earth would I want to cast my one precious vote for a person who is in the middle of a court case?

Donald Trump will be called to testify in November about the horrible scam that he called “Trump University.” Bad.

But at least he’s not being indicted for possible racketeering.

I know that I’m supposed to “Vote Blue No Matter Who!”   I understand the desire to defeat the dangerous bombastic narcissist of the GOP.

But I can NOT vote for a woman who is facing possible indictment for money laundering.

I can’t vote for someone who broke all of the rules of online security while she was entrusted with the most important and fragile of our nation’s secrets. I don’t believe that she did it for “convenience” or because she wasn’t smart enough or sophisticated enough to handle two different phones. Please. And we’re supposed to trust her with the nuclear codes?

The right to vote is precious. Many women struggled and were beaten and went to jail to make sure that I could cast my vote. I don’t take that lightly.

The responsibility to vote thoughtfully weighs on my mind. The future that I help to craft, in my tiny way, will be Ellie’s future.

I will NOT throw my vote away on someone I believe to be corrupt and self-serving. I will NOT vote for someone who is being investigated for breaking the law.

NeverHillary, NeverTrump


Birds of a feather.