I’m having the midwinter blues.

I know; its been a strangely mild and nearly snowless season.  But its still February.

Its still dark out. Its all still gray and lifeless and dull.

The world where I live is still icy and filled with headcolds and black ice and freezing rain. Yuck. Big yuck.

So when I can’t sleep, I try to imagine sensory images that are filled with life and deliciousness, just to snap myself out of my funk.  Here some delicious thoughts that came to me last night, between 2 and 4AM.

1. The first sip of hot, strong coffee.

2. The taste of a calamata olive, crushed between tongue and palate.

3. A sip of shiraz and a bite of romano cheese, taken together.

4. Moonlight.

5. The feel of Tucker’s silky ears.

6. The smell of the thawing earth.

7. Beach sand.  Very soft beach sand.

8. A perfectly fresh, just opened cherrystone clam on a very hot afternoon. Preferably while sitting on a boat and sipping champagne, but that one I’ll take any way I can get it.

9. Distant lightning when I’m in a safe place.

10. The sound of kids laughing.

OK. I think I’m ready for the day.  I have already enjoyed numbers 1 and 5.  My lunch has number 2 in it, and every day is filled with number 10.  So I guess I can hang on until numbers 6 through 9 happen again!!