Small town life

One of the best things about living in a small town is this: when you need people, they are right there.

They know you. They understand you.  Even if you haven’t seen them in two years, they remember the way your kid shared his snack with their kid in kindergarten, and they will always love you for it.

Small town life means that everyone knows who is fighting and who is making up. They know who has moved out of the house, and they rally around to support both the one who moved out and the one who was left behind.

Small town life means that when kids step out of line, their crimes will be discussed at “Wild Cuts” hair salon.  It means that when someone who isn’t yet married becomes pregnant, we all know the Momma, we all know the Dad and we all pitch in for a fabulous shower.

Life out here in a Small Town is filled with petty political squabbles and the strutting swaggers of ridiculous Big Fish. But it is also filled with gentle souls who have been here forever, and who welcome every new face.

Life in a Small Town means gossip and secrets and everyone turning out for the funeral of a local veteran.

It means that when a young man dies suddenly in a crash, there will be no shortage of flowers, prayers, mourners or covered dishes.

Small town life means that when a middle aged woman finds herself stranded at home alone on the third weekend in a row, she can put out the call to all of the other women in town. She can be honest and tell them that her husband is off on another jaunt and she is looking for some fun and some Saturday night company.

Small town life means that even though all of those women are busy with weddings, graduations, first Communions and baby showers, many of them will drop by to say Hi.  It means that after a day of cleaning, cooking and setting up the wine glasses, the middle aged lady in question can put aside her fears (“No one will come.  Everyone is busy. This was a stupid idea!”) and enjoy an evening in the company of friends who understand her.

Small town life means that we are all included. It means that when one of us sends up a distress call, many of us will answer.

Thanks to the ladies of my small town who came by tonight to eat, drink, be merry and share a story or two!!! I love you all.