Hunger in America

Do you remember the event that was called “Hands Across America?”

I really don’t. I had my first baby in January of 1986, and the event happened on May 25th of that year.

It’s funny; I remember the scary things that year. Chernobyl, the bombing of Libya. I don’t remember when 6 million people held hands across the entire country, in a long line of hope, to raise awareness of hunger in America, and to raise money to alleviate it.

I wrote about that event on its 30th anniversary.  Please read the story, and please pass it on.

We need to think about the fact that more people in our country are hungry and homeless now than 30 years ago.

What does that say about us, I wonder?

Why Did 6 Million People Join Hands Across America?

If you want to help, VOTE CAREFULLY.

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