So I have a question…..

Is it Barnum & Bailey's?   No!  Its the GOP on stage!!!

For anyone out there in blogland who is considering voting for “The Donald”, I have a serious question.

Have you even tried to picture what the world would be like if Trump became President of the United States?  Have you thought about what would happen if he were to represent our country at a meeting of international heads of state?  Have you envisioned how those conversations might go?

I can see it now. There is an international banking crisis,  The European Union has called a meeting of all of the Western Powers.  It’s being held in Berlin.

In walks President Trump. He approaches the group, watching Angela Merkel as she chats quietly with François Hollande and David Cameron.

“Good morning, Monsieur le President”, says Hollande.

“Yeah,” answers the American leader, “First of all, I don’t have time for this crap.  And oh, by the way, our economy is stronger than all of yours put together.”  He sits at the head of the table, a space reserved for Chancellor Merkel, whose country is hosting the event.  Camera’s click and zoom in on the President, who leans forward on his arms.

“Monsieur le President”, begins Hollande, attempting to point out the faux pas to the President.  “I believe…….”

The Donald turns to Chancellor Merkel. “Sit down babe, take a load off.  You’re not getting any younger, or thinner for that matter and we gotta lotta work to do here.” He points to a seat next to him.  Face flushed, the Chancellor casts a quick and horrified glance at the press. She sits as her assistants and various flunkies quickly switch the leather bound agendas, each engraved with the name of a leader, into the correct places.

The Chancellor clears her throat, “My friends, thank you for coming to this emergency meeting of……”

She is interrupted by the US President, who breaks in with a smirk, “Angel, baby, we know why we’re here.  Let’s cut to the chase, because believe me, you politicians don’t have a clue about what to do. I’m a business man, and by the way, I’ve made millions and lost them, but then I made them again, so obviously we do things my way.”

“Monsieur…..”  The other leaders shift uneasily in their various seats, adjusting the papers in front of them. The cameras continue to click.

“So.” The Donald looks out at the group, waiting until he is sure that every reporter is focused squarely on his face. “We declare bankruptcy, we wipe out all this useless debt, we start fresh. Believe me”, he casually waves a hand  and shrugs, “I’ve done this schtick before.”

Or how about this for a scenario.   The US finds itself in a military confrontation with Russia over land that has been seized in Eastern Poland.  Putin has declared the area a Russian protectorate, citing the needs of the Russian speaking minority who live in the area.  He has threatened to use “every weapon in our arsenal” to defend the expansion of his power.

A high level confidential phone call has been arranged.  The interpreters are poised and ready, determined to capture every nuance that is spoken.

President Putin places the call.

“Mr. President,”  he says, when the call is answered. “Good afternoon.”

“Listen, Vlad, this whole threatening each other thing, that’s just not gonna work. We’re the United States, OK? We’re the big boys, get it? I don’t have time for all this phone calling, useless political crap.  You wanna shoot? So shoot.”

There is a moment’s pause as the interpreter speaks softly and quickly. Then Putin speaks again.  “I am sure, my friend, that we can find a common ground in which both of our countries can find peace and stability.”

“I’m not your friend, and by the way, I have millions of friends and followers. Have you seen my Twitter account? I don’t need another friend.  This is a waste of time.  If you want Poland, make me an offer.  Just don’t waste my time.”

World War Three begins the next morning.

I know that this post was written in a humorous tone.  I wrote it that way.  The thing is, in my deepest heart, where the real worry lives, I’m not at all sure that its an exaggeration of how this guy would operate on the world stage.   

Donald Trump is not the champion of free speech. He is not simply standing up to the “politically correct”. He is rude, vindictive, self-absorbed, arrogant, mean spirited, misogynistic, egotistical and incredibly dangerous.  ALL right thinking Americans need to recognize the danger that he represents.  This is our national Presidential election; it isn’t a reality TV show or a Hollywood movie.  This is serious stuff.   If you want to elect a conservative, look at the array of talent that is on display. Kasich, Fiorina, Walker, Christie, Graham……..  You have plenty to choose from.   Just please do the entire a world a favor and turn away from the potential train wreck that is Donald Trump.